The speed of light and mind

Scientists say light is the fastest in the world. Some people think that the mind is the fastest in the world. Light moves 100 light-years away. The mind is faster because it can imagine that the mind is there immediately.

Let them think it over with this example . “I’ll be on the other side of the world” in a matter of seconds. What is the speed of the pen handwriting on the paper? So let’s say 0.1 ~ 0.2 m / s. The speed of a jet is going to be 200 ~ 300 m / s. Because the idea of ​​where you are goes through the flow of electricity (through action potentials through the neurons) through the brain.

No particle in the brain just jumps out of the head and is sent there. It is true that you can think of many things in a matter of seconds, but that is the meaning of the mind. Speed ​​is measured in seconds per second by the current in the nervous system. Everyone knows that mass ions are slower than light because they are based on ionic motion.