5 Ways to Repair a Wet Phone

1. Remove the battery immediately

When the phone gets wet, unplug it immediately without turning off the power. By removing the battery, you will be able to repair your wet phone. If you have an iPhone, turn off the power immediately.

(2) Remove the SIM card

If the handset is actually damaged, remove the SIM card and blow on the blower to avoid losing the stored contact information.

3. Do not turn on the phone without running dry

If you restart your phone without running out of water, your phone will be damaged.

(4) Bury in a rice cooker

Once the wet phone has been removed from the battery, quickly bury it in a nearby rice cooker.

(5) Refrigerate without electricity

If you do not have a rice cooker easily, you can put a wet phone in the refrigerator with a cloth wrapped around it. The refrigerator does not use electricity, so it provides heat without cooling, so it can easily dry the phone.