The amazing performance of a mouse

Even if you use the mouse regularly, it is difficult to see how much work you are doing. What better way could an expensive gaming mouse be? To know this, you need to have a good understanding of a mouse.

How the Mouse Sensor Works

A mouse sensor is similar to a digital camera. He took a picture of a small screen. When you shake it a little bit, take another photo and compare the two photos to determine which cursor moves to the left. Unlike digital cameras, it does not produce photo renders.

And the mouse sensor is shooting about a thousand times a second. The better the sensor, the more accurate the comparison and the more accurate the cursor movement. For example, the True move sensor in the Steel series. It can accurately capture movements as small as 0.003 Milli-meters.

How important a mousepad is

Why are so many good mousepads so expensive?
Do the pros just use the ads? Do you use it for money?

No, I pay $ 1,000 per pro per game, and I would never use this 1,000-ton Chinese mousepad.

When producing a good mousepad, the mouse sensor has to be patterned up to the subzero level for the most accurate capture. It’s like lighting a digital camera.

One of the best mousepads with a pattern is to make sure the texture is smooth and the texture is smooth. On a standard mousepad without a pattern, no matter how good the sensor sensor is, you will never get the real sensor performance.