Android O, which doubles the speed of Android phones

Google introduced Google I / O 2017 at its annual conference. Do you want to use silly features like OS? I do not have to wait long. Now that Android O is out, you have to use it. Android O runs software twice as fast as previous Android versions and saves battery life.


In previous Android versions, while you were watching YouTube videos, a Google search engine appeared. Then go to the YouTube tab and search for Google. In Android O, if you press the Home button while YouTube is playing, the video you are watching will be smaller and more like a movable window. Open Google on your phone. Remember something on the phone? No matter what you do on the phone, the video will still play. If you want to play YouTube again, you can play the video with your thumb. Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is included in Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones.

New App Notification

In the past on Android, when a new notification appeared, the phone screen was swiped down and hidden. Android O has a new built-in notification that indicates whether the notification has been read or not. If you haven’t read it yet, how many minutes? You can choose how many hours to read. It’s common on Apple iOS phones, but it’s only now available on Android. There are many other things to do with notifications.

Auto-fill like Chrome

It can be frustrating to have to enter your username and password over and over again on almost the same phone. That’s why Chrome, now available only on desktop computers, is now available on mobile phones. Gmail account Twitter Whether it’s Facebook or not. For credit cards, you can log in by phone and ask them to remember your username and password so you do not have to type it again.

Better Copy and Paste

Phones have the phone number you want. Text Copying and pasting text messages and Gmail accounts can sometimes be frustrating. You do not always get what you want. The Android O version has better copy and paste functions.

Phone performance is faster

Phone performance is faster. Google claims that Android O is more than twice as fast as Android Nougat. From speeding up the camera to the end of Google Assistant, you can speed up your phone.

Reduce battery consumption

Android O now includes systems that shut down apps running in the background. It comes with a system that detects and closes apps running on your phone. For example, you can easily find out which apps are tracking your phone.