Causes of Computer Hardware Damage

(1)User Error (Users should not systematically turn on and off the system, activate the system, and set the trigger.)

(2)Manufacture Fault (Due to the quality of the factory)

(3)Environmental Condition (Dust) (Temperature – Temperature) (Moisture – Moisture) (EMU-Electro Magnetic Interference)  RFI-Radio Frequency Interference (Radio Frequency).Electrical Power Problem.

For example
(1)Noise (unwanted signals)
(4)Brown out.
(5)Black Out.
(6)Unstable Frequency
(7)Unstable Power. Protecting Electrical Power Problem.

You can use Noise Filters, Spike Killer and Surge Protector to protect against Noise, Spike, Surge and Surge Protector in the power supply of the machine you are going to use.

Use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to protect against brownout and blackout. UPS can now protect against electrical power problems, therefore, should not be caused by a power outage.