Tips on Monitor Screen Types

TN Panel, VA Panel, IPS panel are commonly used to buy monitors. Each panel has its advantages and disadvantages, and each panel has been redesigned with new technologies and new features, so it can be said that no panel is bad.

Image Quality

TN Panel – The color is not good and it is very dull. The TN panel is often used for other reasons than the COLOR option. The viewing angle is also changed. The colors aren’t great, but when HDR modes come out, I put those guys on the monitor, and when I turn on the HDR, it gets a little damp and a little wet. Most gaming monitors that use the TN panel have HDR in display modes.

IPS Panel – The widest color palette, which is the closest thing to displaying the colors of the environment and objects in a game. The viewing angle is also wide, so an IPS panel can seat up to four people. No matter where you look, it never gets worse. That means

VA panel – I can say that it fits well between TN and IPS. Color is also better than medium. The viewing angle is also slightly narrower than IPS. What makes it even better is the Contrast Ratio. This means that the contrast between bright and dark colors is very noticeable.

Refresh Rate

TN Panel – This is the only panel if you want the refresh rate to be as high as possible at this price due to the technology included. No more screen shutters due to high refresh rate. This can also be solved with syncs in other panels. But it has never been as smooth as TN.

IPS Panel – If the IPS display has a refresh rate greater than 75Hz, it is no longer an ordinary monitor. Normally it ends at 75Hz. For gamers, it’s not very smooth. If you find the IPS panel and refresh rate are high, then the price is definitely worth it.

VA Panel – This one is still in the mid-range and most budget monitors are only 60hz, but the VA panel and refresh rate of 144 are not too expensive. TN is the cheapest.

Response Time

TN Panel – The response time is very fast. If you want a cheaper 1ms response time, you have to choose this account. Due to the fast response rate, you will not see blurred lines on the monitor as a result. Absolutely fast-paced COD and Apex Legend will not go unnoticed even in fast-paced, action-packed and action-packed games.

IPS Panel – Slow response time. But up to 5ms does not matter for court games. Ghosting can only be experienced in racing games and FPS games. Not to mention there has never been a 1ms IPS panel. It will be expensive.

VA Panel: This guy has never heard of this one. Worst of all, you will experience more motion blur than the IPS panel and it will be easier to get dizzy.