Reasons why phones slow down over time

Unless you have been using a phone for just six months and are not new to it, you may find that the phones we use are getting slower and slower. This time, I’m writing for those who don’t know why phones are slowing down.

1. Due to OS Upgrades

Let me give you an example with an Android phone. Let’s say you have Android KitKat (Android Version 4.4) when your phone starts up. At the time of its launch, the phone had hardware specs that would run Android KitKat well. So android version 4.4 runs really fast on that phone. So the phone is moving. However, with the release of the next version of Android, this version of Android is designed to run smoothly on newer hardware, so it is more likely that older hardware and phones will not run as fast and smooth as the previous OS. So the phone is slowing down. Most of us would not be able to live without upgrading the OS. Let me remind you that not all phones can be calculated that way.

2. Due to App Updates

Some apps add unnecessary new features to newer versions. Even some lightweight apps may add additional features later. App developers are adding new features, and the new features in their apps don’t pay much attention to how much system resources (eg RAM) are being used. This is why older versions of some apps run faster on our phones than newer versions. So if you have the latest version and apps installed on your phone that you have been buying for a while, your phone will definitely slow down.

3. Because of Background Apps

The longer you use your phone, the more apps you can install. Some apps are running in the background even when you are not running them. Examples are email apps and messaging apps. These apps are used to receive new emails. It always runs in the background to alert the user as soon as a new message arrives. So the more apps you have in the background, the slower your phone will be.

4. Phone memory deteriorates

Phones and tablets run on flash memory. Flash memory has a write-cycle (number of times you can insert / delete data on memory). Flash memory is a technology used in solid state drives. There is also a write cycle limit for solid state drive failures. You can read more about this on the Eastern page. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you always keep your phone storage volume below 75%. For phones with 8GB of storage, it is recommended that you limit your usage to no more than 6GB.

5. Because of his thoughts

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. You may be thinking that your phone is faster than it is now. One thing I’ve heard is that when a new phone model is released, And when a new OS version is released, existing phones tend to slow down. As a joke. I do not think it’s funny. So you might think the phone is slowing down.

The slowdown in phones is not entirely due to these factors, but there may be other reasons as well. Just write as much as you know. Thank you for reading. Misspellings Please be patient with typos.