How to look at a bad mouse?

DPI – Dots Per Inch measures how much resolution the mouse moves in less than an inch. The higher the DPI, the farther the cursor moves with the slightest movement of the mouse. Not everything is good.

Acceleration – This guy does a little bit of a spice on budget mice. I can not fix it. The way it works is that it travels more depending on the speed of movement. The cursor accelerates. For example, you can move the mouse less than an inch on the mousepad, but if you move it too fast, it will move farther, and if you move it slowly, it will move normally. Deceleration is the other way around.

IPS (Inch per second) – Some mice have a track record of how fast they can track in 1 second. 360 ips means that the mouse can still track when you pull the mouse at a speed of 30 feet in one second.

Polling Rate – You can call this report rate, Response rate as you like. The unit will change. If the polling rate is 1000Hz, the report rate is 1ms. What does this guy look like? The number of times you report to your computer in a second. At 1000hz (1ms), it reports to the desktop 1000 times in a second. 1000 is pretty good.