Differences between MIUI China and Global Rom

Mi users are often asked about the differences between MIUI China and Global Rom. This article will show you the differences between the two ROMs. Let me first talk about China Rom. This one is mainly made for China, so it can be used in Chinese apps, It is full of Chinese characters. It has no Google Play Store, no Google Framework. As a result, you may not be able to access some of the apps that are required to have Google Play Services. One of the advantages of China Rom is updates, New features are available before Global Rom. The other is China Rom, which focuses on making it accessible to all Chinese mobile networks. The other is Global Rom.

This ROM is designed for international users, just like Global. It can be used in many languages. Chinese apps are not included. Google Play Services is also fully integrated. It also has access to international telephone networks. The following differences are subject to change as the MIUI version changes. Note that this is not always the case.

Key differences

1. As mentioned above, Global Rom is important for international users. No Chinese apps. China Rom is important for China. You can also use China Rom if you do not live in China. However, some Chinese apps are free to install as they cannot be used outside of China.

2. If you want to use Google Play Services using China Rom, you need to install Google Apps using Google installer. Global Rom already comes with Google Apps, so you don’t need to install it again.

Google Rom has a Play Store, while China Rom has a Chinese App Store where you can download many apps.

4. MIUI Updates; For new features, China Rom is available before Global Rom.

5. China Rom has the option to change the font style, but Global Rom does not.

6. Some themes in China Rom have to be paid for with Mi Credit. The themes in Global Rom are free.

7. According to users, the China Rom has a longer battery life than the Global Rom.

Lastly, both ROMs have their advantages and disadvantages. It varies depending on the market. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. Thanks for reading. Thank you.