How to Convert JPG to PDF in Windows 10

Windows 10 has an app called Photos. It comes pre-built and is usually used only for viewing images, and it is less well known that you can convert those photos and JPG or PNG to PDF format. If you use Gmail when texting with Gmail, we will show you how to use Photos to convert to PDF if you have JPG or PNG in hand.

JPG’s full name is Joint Photographic Experts Group
PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics.
The full name of the PDF is Portable Document Format.

Basically, the file size reduction process is used in all three cases, so you can avoid delays in sending files due to large files. Explaining JPG, PNG, and PDF in detail will take a long time and will not be covered, so I will write about PDF conversion.

If you take a photo with your phone, the image will be in JPG format. The images downloaded from the website will be in JPG or PNG format. When you take a screenshot, you can get the image in JPG or PNG format.