VIVO Smartphone Attachable Camera

VIVO smartphone detachable camera design features three cameras and two flashes. Includes a built-in battery for Flash. Using a detachable camera on a smartphone is not a new idea. At the very least, the design phase is already planned. vivo has designed a small detachable camera with a touch-display. It is based on the 2020 prototype. The front-facing camera is great for taking selfies. It also makes it convenient to make video calls. This time, the design is a dual-camera, advanced and practical design. Lets Go Digital provides copyrighted images and information.

It is a removable camera that can be installed in the upper right corner of the phone. It sits on top of the smartphone as a bubble and acts as the smartphone’s main camera. The detachable camera can be detached until it is separate from the smartphone. It is also easy to install on a smartphone. You can also adjust the angle at which you want the camera to rotate. So you can place your smartphone flat on a table-like surface and adjust the camera upright. You can use your smartphone to take pictures from a distance. So place your smartphone in a safe place to upload your photos and videos. You can record video.

The detachable camera system has its own battery. It does not use the battery in the smartphone. If the battery is low, the camera can be recharged with the built-in battery. There’s no need to worry about accidentally slipping off your phone, as it has a slide and a magnetic stripe. It is a dual-face camera that lets the user know which side the user is using. With two fronts, you can shoot both videos at the same time and shoot dual-view video.

According to Lets Go Digital, the patent application does not specify what type of camera will be used for the camera. Cameras have different apertures. It is said that it is possible to take a photo around. Various detachable cameras are patented. Detachable camera smartphones are expected in the near future. There will also be sales of detachable cameras.