USB-C is the only standard for phones and electronic devices

The European Union (EU) has submitted a bill to both houses of parliament, but Apple has argued that it could have a significant impact on consumers. On September 23, 2021, the European Commission announced that it would set a standard for telephones and electronic devices. He encouraged the use of USB-C-type power cords only to reduce the annual increase in e-waste.

This requirement does not affect other devices that have switched to USB-C from the beginning, but it can be a big challenge for Apple products that have opted for a Lightning port charger. The committee said it had cut more than 30 telecommunications lines over the past decade. However, not all of the above problems have been solved. That’s why a bill has been drafted for connecting devices. The bill applies to smartphones as well as the military. Camera Headphones, Bluetooth headsets and game consoles will also be included.

At the same time, it is forbidden to include a charger when selling smartphones, so it is likely that the charger will not be included when you buy another phone. Once the bill is approved, manufacturers will have 24 months to adapt their products to the new specifications. Apple has denied the allegations, saying it would have a “significant impact” on consumers.