5 AMD endorsements for next-generation CPUs

According to a discussion with AMD Digital Marketing Director Robert Hallock yesterday, the AMD AM4 Socket is about to expire and a new generation platform will emerge.

1. AMD’s next-generation Zen 4 CPUs, which will be released in 2022 with a new socket next year, are expected in the second half of 2022, rumored to be the AM5 and LGA socket.

2. Next-generation DDR5 Memory CPUs will come with DDR5 memory and will have more bandwidth and capacity than DDR4. According to Micron, DDR5 has a bandwidth of 1.36 times the same clock speed.

3. Next-generation PCIE 5.0 CPUs will use PCIE 5.0, which has twice the bandwidth of PCIE 4.0. Some manufacturers are already developing PCIE 5.0 SSDs.

4. Robert Hallock says there is no need to worry as the next generation platform will continue to use AM4 Coolers. It will return with the same mounting style as the AM4, and current AM4 coolers will be ready to use without the upgrade kit.

5. The Zen 3 with AMD 3D V-Cache is not for next-generation motherboards, but the AM4 will not be finished with the Zen 3, but Zen 3 CPUs powered by AMD 3D V-Cache technology will be available early next year. V-Cache claims to increase game performance by up to 15%.