Nintendo Switch, best-selling console for 23 months

The Nintendo Switch handheld gaming tablet has been selling well in the United States for 23 months. Nintendo Switch, a gaming tablet that has been on sale for nearly two years, has sold 22.5 million units of the Switch and Switch Lite in the United States, now selling more than 68 million units worldwide.

There are various reasons for the strong sales, but one of the main ones is that Kovis’s epidemic has led to more games being played on the go, boosting demand for Nintendo gaming tablets. Another is the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was introduced earlier this year.

According to the survey, most Nintendo Switch gamers are women and buy it as a family toy. As a result, Nintendo switched to Nintendo Switch, attracting a large number of female characters, creating an ad featuring an adult woman with a career. The ad also highlights the advantages of taking it with you wherever you go and playing wherever you go. That advantage would not be available on Sony’s new PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s two new Xbox consoles (Series S and X), so if Nintendo were to launch a popular and ubiquitous game, sales would continue to be strong.