4 Ways to Speed Up Your Laptop / Desktop Without Spending Money

Laptops and desktops are easy to use when you first buy them, but they tend to turn on and off over time. Closed for a Fri time. It also becomes slow to use. Here are four key pointers in moving your finances forward.

(1) Get rid of clutter

The longer you use your computer, the more files you want to use on your computer. There are more and more unwanted files. Keep only the programs that are really useful to you. Deleting unused applications will speed up your computer. For example, a game that you have not played. Not an engineer, but software like AutoCAD. Uninstall such software.

2. Clean files using CCleaner Software

You will not be able to see it in the cleanup files. You can use CCleaner Freeware to clean files created by Windows and software.

3. Clean up startup files to speed up Windows startup

Windows is slow to load because there is a lot of software running when the window is up. If you remove the unnecessary ones, you will see the window pop up significantly faster.

(4) Defrag

The longer you use it, the smaller the computer, as the files on your computer become more fragmented. To do this, you need to sort the files using the Defrag included in Windows. Depending on the size of the file, it may take longer. The way to do this is to open My Computer on your Laptop / Desktop and (C) Drive will appear. Right click and select Properties. Then select Optimize.

By following these four steps, your laptop / desktop will feel faster.