Ways to conserve smart phone batteries

We’ve seen a lot of ways to conserve battery life in smartphones and tablets over time. One of the most common of these methods is to charge the battery to 0 percent and then charge it to 100 percent. Your phone’s battery has memory, so you may have heard the saying, “Do not unplug your phone until it is fully charged.” All of these statements are based on older battery technology and do not apply to modern batteries.

Charge cycles affect battery life

The Charge Cycle is called a charge cycle when you charge your phone from 0 to 100% and stop charging and return to 0% while using the phone. Battery manufacturers often refer to battery life as the number of charge cycles. Most rechargeable batteries used in today’s phones are lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries can provide their full capacity from 300 to 500 charge cycles. Beyond that, it can only provide 75-80% of capacity, and battery problems start.

Ways to extend battery life

The benefits may not be known in a short period of time, but if you follow these tips, your battery life may not drop below 80% even after one or two years of use.

1. When charging your phone, charge it to 80% instead of 100%. This is because, as mentioned above, the battery charge cycle also has an effect on the battery life. To do this, you can use apps to set reminders to remove when the charge is 80% full.

2. You have to stop charging your phone all night. Charging it overnight will keep your phone battery at 100%, which can damage it faster.

3. Prolonged use of Fast Charge should also be reduced.

4. Do not overheat your phone. At room temperature (25 ° C). The higher the temperature, the faster the battery will be damaged.

5. If possible, stop charging when it reaches 80%.

6. To save battery life, you should stop using unnecessary services.

get. If you do not use your phone for a long time, use the battery up to 70% in a cool place. Prolonged use of the phone without a full battery is even more damaging.

8. Do not play games while charging. This article will help you to increase the temperature of your phone and battery. Whether you should charge your battery overnight or not, there are ways to keep your batteries from getting damaged in no time. I think you will know. Thank you for reading to the end. Misspellings I apologize for the typo.