From HDD to SSD

As technology advances, so do the electronics we use every day. Updates. Here we will talk about the storage and storage of laptops and computers. Hard disks (HDDs) / Sticks are now back to Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Are you no longer using HDDs? No, you are still using them. SSDs are a bit more technologically advanced than that. As we learn about SSDs, let’s take a look at some of the differences between HDDs and the pros and cons.

First of all, SSDs transfer data very fast. It is thinner than HDD. Unlike HDDs, it stores files. Loading time is very fast. The SSD is not included in the HDD. No magnets included.

Because it stores electronic signals, it reads and writes faster than an HDD. The HDD contains them. Because of this, data transfer passes through the rods on the magnetic stripe, which is longer than the SSDs that transmit the signal and are stored on the chip.

As I also read, HDD has a speed limit for data transfer. So later on, There are cases of hangovers. SSDs use an interface called data transfer. The interface is connected to the motherboard.

Therefore, its data transfer speed is 6.0 Gbps. Faster and more directly connected to the motherboard, so you won’t have to worry about heavy hangings in the long run. HDDs are coated with rods and magnets and are made of mechanical material, which can cause damage over time.

SSDs do not contain these substances, so data storage is fast and the risk of damage is very low. The destruction of data and files on another SSD has nothing to do with the HDD. There is a small cycle in the SSD. When you delete files / data, the SSD destroys the entire cell.

Therefore, it is not as easy to recover as HDD. On the HDD, deleting a file / data is like hiding a folder on our PC, just like hiding a folder. Hide is visible and not very easy to find. But you can find it.

Because you can still recover what you have destroyed, some people buy old HDDs, retrieve the data inside, and spread the word about privacy. The SSD will not have this at all, and once it is deleted, it will be replaced by another data / file that will be stored there. As a result, the old can never be found.