Performance differences of a CPU

With Generation?

Is it divided into i5 and i7?

The more expensive the better?

To be more specific, you need to look at the number of cores, the number of threads, and the CPU speed. The more cores and threads, the better the performance and the faster the speed. In intel, 7th gen and above have very few cores and threads. As a result, every i7 will be just as bad as the i3 10th gen.

Let’s look at an example

i7 7700 – 4cores 8threads, 4.2 Ghz (RAM 2400mhz max)
i3 10100 – 4cores 8threads, 4.3 Ghz (RAM 2666mhz)

Why does this happen?

Performance has shifted from the 7th gen to the 8th gen. The transition from the 9th gen to the 10th gen has further enhanced performance. The i7 10th gen looks like the i9-9900.

That’s why the older Gen is a bad start to the i7, so we often encourage you to buy the new Gen, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop. Because desktops are old boards, you may not be able to get a high CPU when you are not working, and you may have to upgrade from start to finish.