It is very easy to improve your memory

You have names, Faces Is it easy to forget phone numbers? The keys were left behind. Forgetting an appointment not only causes long-term social harm, but also reduces your ability to function. Try the tricks of the weirdest people with a world-record memory. You will soon experience significant results. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest tricks. The easiest way to remember names is to associate them with something unique. For example, to remember a girl with “orange” hair, “Karen” has to match the color of her hair to that of a parrot. In this case, you have a choice of parrot, hair, orange, You will remember the girl with orange hair, “Karen” and so on. How can you remember so much that you can not even remember a single name? This is how the human brain works.

It is difficult to remember the same thing, but if you memorize so many things, you will remember them in relation to each other. We have experienced it. When you hear a song, you remember a place. When you see a scene, you run to see something. It’s like seeing the last meal and seeing someone. Examples of what is happening in pairs are easier to remember. (I have read in Sayargyi Min Thein Kha’s books, “Salt Bottle Hnin Maung used to memorize this method. For example, the story of the arrest of the historical villain” Buffalo “was captured in March in the hot sun. He said it was marked with a picture. (Misleading information) Sunstroke in March. Riding a buffalo means catching the “big buffalo”. Salt Bottle Hnin Maung even referred to it as Photographic Memory.

It is difficult to remember the same thing, but if you memorize a lot of them, you will remember them in relation to each other Remembering numbers to remember numbers is a little weird. The numbers should be converted to letters that are slightly similar to them. For example, to memorize the number 3419108550,split it into three parts as shown in the figure below. If it is 341-910-8550, change it to the alphabet as shown in the picture, then “MRT-PTS-FLLS”. The phrase must be marked with the above number. According to the transformation patterns shown in the figure, the numbers are replaced by letters that resemble them. This is a way of remembering names in conjunction with another.

(Nowadays, people will laugh at anyone who tries to memorize this kind of thing, because in this age of technology, no one can memorize phone numbers, but in the long run, this is a big problem.) There is a growing reliance on non-human memory devices. As a result, human capacity is declining. These devices are man-made, so humans may not be degraded, but they may be able to control us at some point. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will flourish in the future. Human-minded people should not be forced to drive things created by humans. Human existence; It is recommended to upgrade human capacity)