The most probable form of the universe

One of the most remote man-made objects in the world right now is the space shuttle Voyager 1. Launched in the 1970s, the drone has gone on a no-return route and is still returning information. From this spacecraft, the universe, Milky Way, It does not capture accurate images of the entire universe, but some of the information sent back by it Human beings have been able to visualize the most probable form of the universe by combining all the knowledge about the universe.

In 2012, Pablo Carlos Budassi created a miniature version of the universe that humans could study. In this sense, the solar system resembles a cataract, and our earth is in the middle. In this picture you can see our sun and the solar system in the middle. Outside, there are galaxy arms, In the light The remaining cosmic waves of the Big Bang eruption will remain like a ring.

From this picture, I see that my world is a little bigger than it really is. This is because Budasi designed this model numerically correct and excluded astronomical accuracy. (If drawn on a true scale, the world would be too small to see). So if you want to estimate the scale of the objects in the universe, imagine this image in terms of position (used in reflection) and assume that the sun is in the middle. In that case, objects farther away from the sun would be considered larger in size.

To draw it, Budasi used a map of the world; Photos Data were collected from Princeton University and NASA. In 2005, researchers at Princeton University published a similar article in the Journal of Space Physics, which used the exact scale scale, but could not see anything clearly. In imitation of this, Budasi was able to express his best in combination with his artistic vision, incorporating only the visible elements. This model is probably the best model in the universe, despite the wrong scale.